CRM to XRM: Make it your own

Rarely is anything one-size-fits-all.  We often make purchasing decisions based on how products fit our individual goals and processes. We design our desks, offices, and workspaces to fit our job duties, personalities, and corporate culture. As we grow, we change; looking for ways to function more effectively, especially at work where efficiency can matter the most.

So, what makes XRM systems engaging?

The ability to customize.

XRM is CRM software that is adaptable and moldable to your preferences. In CRM, customization is not only important for your staff and co-workers, it also flows over into customer experience.

A More Dynamic Experience

Unlike a lot of third-party, standalone, or startup CRM solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a LOT of easy options when it comes to comfortable, intuitive and insightful customization. Other CRM solutions focus primarily on sales and only a broad spectrum of business workflows. Not to mention customization comes with a steep price – if it can be done at all. Dynamics CRM has practical applications for all types of industries and business models – not just traditional sales/service/marketing.

Customized workflows promote personalized project and task management as well as account and product tracking based on the activity of customers. Additionally, documents and templates are designed for the relationship cycle of your consumers and can be quickly edited by employees.

Choosing and seamlessly integrating certain tools is easy with Dynamics CRM. Social, analytics, lead tracking or call record keeping? There’s an app for those and more.

Don’t forget that customization is all about ensuring a positive experience. Visual charts, records, menu systems and more guide employees and customers through the process of their interaction.

Customizable Characteristics of Dynamics CRM

  • Color scheme and visual continuity to fit your company logo
  • Design forms to be interactive and easy to create
  • Manage and rank service hub and knowledge base content
  • Edit dashboards and visuals for employees to monitor progress
  • Configure dashboards to promote interaction
  • Incorporate business-specific rules
  • Quick access area for web resources and helpful links
  • Control who sees what and when
  • Define tasks and tools for each different department and employee roles
  • Pick and choose tools and applications for different business missions

Business benefits of busy, (and efficient), worker bees.

Customized interfaces, visual information, and custom-tailored automation make Dynamics CRM efficient, and maybe a little fun, to use. How does that benefit the business goal – which is realistically to save money and nurture relationships?

Well, no business is the same. To compete in today’s business world, you have to stick out to your customers, which means providing them with a customized and memorable experience.

Microsoft just so happens to know a thing or two about business, since the company sits at the top of its market. The familiar interface of Microsoft products makes it easy for employees and customers alike. Less time spent on navigating the system means more time for productivity. An efficient and friendly workspace means the same for those who reside in it, especially when they know the platform was handcrafted to consider their needs.

The experience is what matters when building relationships. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a customer relationship management tool has ample benefits, and customization is just a piece to the puzzle.

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