We’ve developed a workaround for a current issue in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 where attachments will not send emails with attachments from a workflow. This can happen after upgrading to CRM 2015.

It’s believed that the cause occurs when creating the MAPI item in Outlook. The sync process attempts to add the attachments to the item but the function is hardcoded to return false when the client looks to see if attachment syncing is enabled.  As a result, it’s responsible for creating the attachment and is executed so the email gets created without the attachment.

Workaround to No Attachments Sent in CRM 2015 with Email Template

The workaround that we’ve found for this issue is to:

1. In workflows, use “Create New Message” instead of “Use Template” (see picture)

2. Use Mail Merge


Workaround for Dynamics CRM Email Send with Email Template Workflow Issue

Fix for No Attachments in CRM 2015 and Related Workflow Issues

It’s been reported, but not confirmed, that the CRM 2015 Update 0.2 (Build : 7.0.2.xxxx) remedies the attachment issue, but possibly may not fix the workflow issues.


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