Comparing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce really comes down to analyzing your business and finding what is the best fit for it. Both platforms offer the abilities to the customer to choose the functionality they need between sales, marketing, and customer service. Read on to find out more on why we at TechAir Group believe that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best modern, scalable platform on the market today.

Customization Capabilities

Plain and simple: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more customizable for your business than Salesforce. Unfortunately, Salesforce only allows you to host your information in the Cloud. With Dynamics, you are able to have your productivity suite hosted on-premise, in the Cloud, or a hybrid of the two known as the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The extendibility within Microsoft is far superior, especially when it comes to supporting languages and technologies. While Dynamics allows the customizations via Java Script, .NET, HTML and Apex, Salesforce only supports Apex. Because of this, Salesforce users are limited in development and flexibility which in turn generates slower speeds for the processes of the business.

All About the Data

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365, your data belongs to you. When you’re in the Cloud, Microsoft will regularly back up your data for Online deployments. Being on-premise with Microsoft gives a more controlled setup which provides you with the responsibility of the data and all necessary solutions. On the contrary, Salesforce charges an additional fee for data backups and API access. Click this link to find out more about the Microsoft Trust Center and find out more about how Microsoft has your back when it comes to your data.

Let’s Talk Money

Salesforce is widely known as the most expensive CRM solution currently available. It also only offers sales force automation – any additional add-ons that you want for your company will come at a cost while also being less inclusive than what is offered with Dynamics. Being that Salesforce is only a cloud base company, you are required to pay a monthly subscription fee for each user. With Dynamics, you have the option to be on-premise which allows you to pay one upfront fee for each user. Put in simple monetary terms, the cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud based services range between $65 – $135 while Salesforce ranges between $25 – $300.

The Whole Business – not just sales

When it comes to investing in a modern, scalable platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a big advantage. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has both CRM & ERP capabilities built into one. In addition, the platform has native integrations to Office 365, Microsoft Azure, PowerApps, Power BI (the Microsoft Business Intelligence suite) and Microsoft Flow. In comparison, Salesforce is limited to just CRM capabilities and does not offer back office solutions. Microsoft has a much more advanced and broad cloud than Salesforce. Included in Microsoft’s innovative cloud are both a business intelligence tool and a productivity suite. In a world where customer experience is key, it’s even more important to make sure businesses are investing in one technology platform to gain a 360 degree of the customer and provide a hyper-personalized experience when possible.

In conclusion, Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes the cake when it comes to data, security, cost and cross-department business value. Contact us today to chat options and possibilities for your organization!