As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to take a step back and take a look at your business. Self-reflection can help fill in the gaps between your goals and the processes used to achieve them, and in our experience, most businesses have a lot of filling to do.

Business owners tend to have a nose for when change is needed, with indicators such as: the way their employees are working, analyzing the outcome of projects, and most importantly, how the customers are reacting to product and service offerings.

Ask yourself, “Are we building relationships and nurturing our teams’ progress?”

If your answer is anything like the following scenarios you might need a CRM solution (or an XRM solution).

1. Organization + paper usage + internal communication are brittle

The most used room in the office isn’t the break room, but the records room. Here you can find your sales reps, accounts receivable managers, and other employees behind a stack of filing cabinets, bankers boxes, and folders; either searching for an order record or crying (note: they may be crying on the inside like a winner)

Your employees pay their bills online, check schedules online, and email with mobile devices, so you can imagine the adjustment it takes to come to work and have half of their data on paper and half on their computer.

Without a central spot for relevant information, the elements of continuity and communication are lacking. Without company-wide policies, employees turn to using their own processes to store information and ultimately hop between applications to complete tasks – which unfortunately contributes to loss of data and time – with or without realizing the damage.

It’s not just about joining the convoy of technology, it’s also about saving paper, money, time, and resources through the implementation of a CRM system, which unifies your applications for productivity, and creates a forum for communication and file sharing between your entire team.

2. Evolution excites you

Word on the street is that the success of a business depends on the ability to scale and adapt to the productivity trends of the time. A few of these include transitioning to cloud storage, allowing mobile and remote access to users, and participating in the CRM/XRM technology that can build a personalized relationship with individual customers.

If you look around the office and don’t see your current process holding up for much longer, it might be time to turn to a CRM solution.

Although CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, it’s increasingly referred to as XRM, X meaning anything. An XRM solution is built in a CRM platform, but has the flexibility to meet practically any business need.

3. Employee morale is at stake

Your teams report that their goals have been hard to reach, unreachable, or they think they could achieve more with better resources. Also, a few employees may have quit and you’re wondering what you could do to make the workplace more efficient and comfortable for employees to be successful in.

The mission of a CRM system is to provide a virtual environment for all users, including employees, which supports productivity to enhance relationships. CRM solutions make the tedious tasks more likable, with easy real-time reporting, knowledge bases, automation abilities based on the needs of the department or industry, templates, and streamline processes to enable efficient account management and tracking of the stages in any business relationship. CRM also ensures that all of the tools and data a person needs to do their job are right at their fingertips. CRMs don’t let Joe slack off at work because it sends him reminders to complete tasks, and if he doesn’t, it notifies his manager.

Productivity tools can be chosen, customized and implemented by employees based on their needs, whether it be turning leads to opportunities, aiding a customer in updating account information or managing records and safely storing them.

4. You want a business fortune-teller

Visualizing your progress, predicting the future and analyzing the relationships of your organization could really give you the power to set yourself apart from other companies, couldn’t it?

You might wish you had one big fat road map or blueprint of your business, where you can see what needs to be done, what areas and relationships need attention, and determine how to improve the efficiency of the business process.

These visual dashboards, pipelines and step-by-step guides built within CRM could be just that.

5. What customer relationship?

Great, a poor Google review. It’s not a crisis, however the happiness of your customers has a lot of power over not only the image of your organization, but it also says a little something about what could be improved upon. Even if 84-year-old Darlene from Montana is unhappy with the tone of voice your automated message spoke to her with, it’s important to have an understanding of your business and its representatives’ relationships with its customers.

If there is a lack of personalization or communication in the relationships with the people who matter most (that would be your customers), and you want to do more to make them see that you’re dedicated and thinking of their needs every step of the way, it’s time to adopt a Customer Relationship Management system.

When CRM, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM is set up, it becomes an extension of your brand and customer values. With visual charts, automation, and customer history at the click of a button, it can streamline and enhance your ability to serve your customers.

6. We’re growing and we can’t keep up!

On a positive note, your business is growing quicker than you’d predicted, but you can tell some of your outdated or makeshift processes are starting to crumble under the pressure. The digital infrastructure of your business is getting overrun and your employees are getting tired of the growing pains.

It’s time to turn to CRM and transform those growing pains into something beautiful, like the transition of a slow-moving caterpillar to a speedy butterfly. (Yes, your business on CRM is the butterfly…)


The ultimate scenario you want for your business includes the implementation of a unified software platform that will make your employees want to celebrate a Tuesday with an after work social hour. Your processes and systems should encourage your customers to stay loyal to your company from the satisfaction of feeling a prioritized relationship – like they truly matter to you.

TechAir Group’s CRM solution of choice- Microsoft Dynamics CRM- in short work makes it easy and efficient to record your history, accomplish the tasks at hand, and even help predict the future of your organization. CRM makes work easy, efficient, and dare we say, fun?

For any growing business, CRM can create the perfect scenario you envision for the future of your business.

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