Omni-Channel Experience Hub

The days of only being able to call in for tech support between the working hours of that company have long been over. However, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is changing the game yet again. With the Omni-channel Experience Hub for Dynamics 365, customers have a portal where they can log in and access tech support by ways of a live chat channel, SMS channel, among others while still offering a live calling option. This has allowed retailers to provide a more seamless experience for customers by having a single unified commerce platform for products, orders, customers and promotions. This experience is also immensely beneficial for the retailers by allowing them to easily look back on the customers history concerning their previous purchases or what support issues they have had in the past.

How it can improve the customer experience

Implementing the Omni-Channel Experience Hub for Dynamics 365 improves the customer experience by making the admin experience simplified. With this program, you have a simplified case resolution process with the Dynamics 365 service hub. This is done by the program providing the customer information needed into a central location. As the servicer, you are able to quickly find the facts and information needed to resolve the cases located on the dashboard and case form and spend more time focusing completely on your customers. Knowledge based articles can be quickly accessed using the Knowledge Management tool. Articles are suggested based on the details of the case or you can search with keywords that may apply to the case. Quick Actions allow you to quickly and seamlessly send a link of the article to the customer. Once both you and the customer have decided that the case is solved, you can resolve the case on the app.

Analytics and reporting

There is a copious amount of analytics provided by the Omni-Channel Experience Hub for Dynamics 365 that provide more efficient measures to solve problems quickly and at any time of the day. As the service provider, you need to continually become more efficient in ways to manage goals and metrics. Read our next blog to find out more concerning the analytics and reporting provided by Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.