Data makes the world go round. We help you harness this data into meaningful metrics. From industry analytics, predictive analytics, to user and customer analytics, we make sure you get the numbers you need.

It’s important to have business analytics tools that makes it easy to access data and reports from anywhere and on any device. A powerful business analytics tool will combine data from every databases, files, and webservice you use. This business intelligence allows you to aggregate and roll up data into powerful reports and dashboards, with the ability to drill down on any information.

We build solutions that put powerful, yet easy to use, tools in your hands to access and visualize all of the data your organization produces.

We can integrate a very powerful BI tool using Microsoft Power BI. Power BI crunches numbers for you and presents them in beautiful visualizations, charts, and reports. Easily collect and organize data to stay on top of things, spot trends immediately, and to push your business further.

Ideal for Any Department

Power BI for Finance

Are you getting the answers you need about financial performance? Power BI makes it easy by collecting the data from every source, external and on-premises, and giving you drag-and-drop visualization tools to quickly analyze and explore your insights.

Power BI for Marketing

Are you overwhelmed by data from all the different tools you use? Make it simple: with Power BI, you can easily monitor and analyze your marketing campaigns and efficiently allocate your resources to the right channels, all in one place.

Power BI for Sales

Want to forecast sales better, hit that record sales target, and increase profitability per sale? Power BI brings your company’s sales pipeline under a magnifying glass in seconds with dashboards that include your Microsoft Dynamics CRM or data.

Power BI for Human Resources

Need to stay up-to-date on the progress of your initiatives? Power BI has tools to easily collect and monitor all of your important data. Better protect your colleagues and your organization with insightful dashboards to track compliance, headcount, and more.

Power BI for IT

Want to improve productivity in a quick and affordable way? With Power BI, you can create dashboards in seconds that monitor and analyze everything from Active Directory to Zendesk, and it integrates seamlessly with SSAS for when you need enterprise-scale BI solutions.

Power BI for Operations

Is your organization truly data-driven? With Power BI you can quickly monitor and engage with your data from all sources, including Excel workbooks, on-premises databases, and cloud services. Find new insights for your production, store performance, claims analysis, and more.

Benefits of Insights & Analytics Tools

Share Reports Quickly & Easily

Personalized Dashboards & Reports

Flexible and Scalable

Integrate With Apps, Software, Services & More

Data-driven alerts keep you up-to-date

Optimize Your Budget

Desktop and Mobile Access

Data Shaping & Modeling Capabilities Crunch Data Quickly

Maximize User Resources

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