Collaboration is the Key to Success

When the goal is to enforce effective collaboration and communication within your workplace community, large or small scale, the reality is that certain relationships need to be created. After all; with so much variation in personalities and work styles, getting people to work toward a common goal may inevitably take many different paths and time – it’s just a fact of human nature.

Attempting to stray from the “as time goes on, things are changing rapidly” statement that most blogs of these topics likely introduce, it is a simple fact. Evolution of business as we know it is absolutely necessary as long as there is technological advancement and an increasing population.

The technological revolution is overwhelming and changes quickly, which means that communication between every new or old partner, employee, or provider needs to adapt.  As business people, we should be taking advantage of the benefits provided by this global technology.

Why Embrace Workplace Collaboration?

If you have ever come across an organization or person who doesn’t believe strong communication is high-priority for healthy relationships, chances are you didn’t trust them very much.

According to a survey of 1,400 corporate executives, employees, and educators across financial, healthcare, technology and manufacturing, conducted by Fierce, Inc.:


of respondents blamed the lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

In addition,


said lack of alignment with their team directly impacts outcome of any given task.

According to a Gallup survey, active disengagement will cost organizations between

$450 billion and $550 billion

in resources and time every year, and the highest percent of employee engagement found by the survey was a mere


throughout the United States.

Clearly, there’s some work to be done.

When Communication Suffers, So Does Business

Inefficiency and low quality of communication on any task or project could result in a lower ROI (return on investment) in the business world, and without an effective communication platform available for employees and partners, several different mediums will be used which will create lack of organized coordination, and potential security vulnerabilities.

Change Up Your Enterprise Social Playing Field

When the right tools are available for any organization process to communicate efficiently, it’s easier and more enticing for the team to work productively.

Productive, engaged, and synchronized workplace communities have the power to become more productive when their attention isn’t going from this application to that application, to email, to documents, to meetings, to phone calls, to so-and-so’s desk, and so on.

When your teams have the ability to be active in all of these areas of communication within one single application, you’ll realize increased profits, customer satisfaction, and less incidents of miscommunication between people.

Yammer and SharePoint Lead in Communication and Collaboration

Yammer and Sharepoint Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM can enable greater team communication and collaboration

Social collaboration at the enterprise level, within platforms such as SharePoint, and Yammer opens channels for communication not just between employees, but globally.

SharePoint and Yammer are like big clubhouses for your employees and teams to share and discuss information pertinent to the business. Within these communication vectors, sharing and collaboration of files and projects is integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions.

While SharePoint provides secure mobile and desktop access for team sites, publishing, records management, analytics and libraries, Yammer provides the private social network for conversations and organization between employees and vendors, partners, or anyone else you want in the world.

Business goals of any sort need to be backed by the principle of robust communication instead of complicated practices that have somehow continued to exist in this technological age. Social collaboration networks including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and Yammer were made for you.

Work Better Together with Business Collaboration Tools

Keep in touch with your business like you do with your friends and family (minus the food pictures and your grandparents typing in all caps.) When TechAir Group commits to a collaboration project, we foster creativity and learning with the people who make your business work by putting custom tools into their hands, and teaching them how to use them.

Two heads are better than one.  We’ve got you covered from planning, to building, to powering a solution that fits you and your organization like a well-tailored suit. From roadmaps, to portals, to analytics, we’re here to fix your communication obstacles.

To learn more about our team collaboration services, meet up with us here.

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