What else is your Government made to serve, if not the people? Customer Relationship Management (CRM), those three words alone are huge sectors of what and who the government works to support, therefore it makes sense that they have a solution for properly and efficiently providing vital services, right?

At TechAir Group, we seem to have become not just tech savvy, but tech savvy cupids, when we combined the service objectives of your local government and the solutions provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

When we applied the diverse applications of Microsoft Dynamics to the services of the government, we knew it was love at first click.

So let’s get into it. Why should the public sector consider a tool that’s traditionally used for sales & marketing?

What makes CRM work for Local Governments?

So you like the idea of your government working with customer relationships and better managing them. How is this done in regards to the day-to-day activities that take place?

From city zoning and planning, to human resources, data, permit applications and case management, somehow all of that information has to be stored, managed, automated and shared between staff members to create an all-encompassing information hub. This central information hub is not always present in city and local governments, mostly because they don’t realize such a solution exists for them.

In the end, most of this boils down to case management. Something we and Microsoft Dynamics CRM excel at.
In our experience, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has provided a variety of uses for different government departments; it will

Turn manual processes into CRM workflows

By eliminating whatever paper/pen system services that local government workers use, the ability to create repeatable and automated processes is easily accomplished through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Create alerts to keep employees on top of tasks

A helpful reminder never hurt anyone, and that’s why Microsoft Dynamics implements reminders and project alerts to keep up the flow in any work environment.

All-in-one access to CRM

The Microsoft Dynamics Cloud holds all of the information stored in the CRM program, where it can be accessed anytime and anywhere (that has Internet.) From a desktop in the office, to a laptop of a remote employee, to a tablet or smartphone of people in the field.

Makes scheduling easy

Microsoft Dynamics is easy to use, just like the other Microsoft suite programs that government and public employees are likely already familiar with. It makes scheduling easy to do and to see for things like assigning case workers, inspectors, and more.

It’s a solution fit for local governments and the little niches inside such as Public Safety, Justice, Public Services, Healthcare, and Education.

How the benefits of Microsoft CRM lead the way

The purpose for such a program is to enhance and support productivity throughout the workplace. The demanding processes in any work environment, government or private sector, can benefit from a program that organizes and intelligently manages the information and objectives an organization requires to keep its customers (or citizens) happy-plain and simple. Through integration with existing tools, automation, and features to keep employees on-task; Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an all-in-one system that can do whatever you tell us you want it to do.

The few things about Microsoft Dynamics that we’ve highlighted are crucial for productivity. The program allows every user to interact and share with one another, making it easy to communicate and work together, employ process redundancies, and ensure things are getting done.

With the familiarity of Microsoft software, we find that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy to catch on to; it’s even linked with Outlook. Compliance, organization, and growth push the whole workflow process forward, and we are excited to help you implement Microsoft Dynamics into your process.

Why TechAir for Government CRM Implementations?

 We are a service provider, and with such a title comes the ethical practice of choosing the best solution for the people and organizations we serve, and for whom they serve.

When you choose TechAir Group to serve your local government, our relationship might go a little something like this:

  • We walk through your pain points: What is a common issue that your employees struggle with that prohibits certain activities and progress? We want you to tell us so that we can hit the nail on the head with a solution built for your unique requirements.
  • We can unsnarl complicated processes and make them look easy in CRM: There’s no reward for rushing through the process and getting you out the door quickly. We take the necessary time to get your customized Microsoft Dynamics solution properly configured, and work closely with you so that everything is error-free and set up just right – and also solving your workflow woes.
  • We’re here for you every step of the way: It doesn’t make sense to set you up with new software and give you a blank page. The issues that you previously encountered need to be remediated and eased into your new process through training and implementation. We’ll follow-up, see what you need and teach you how to use what we recommend as well as keep in touch after. We’re here for the long haul, so we’re always around when you need assistance.

We’re ready when you are, so give us a call and we’ll work our cupid love between CRM and your organization.


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