To keep up with changing customer expectations and the need to stand out from competitors, Manufacturing organizations need to take advantage of technology. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a modern, scalable platform with a full integration of CRM and ERP capabilities. This creates the agility needed to truly compete in today’s market. By connecting the physical and digital, manufacturers can integrate equipment and factories to create cutting edge data. Read on to find out about features within Dynamics 365 that is especially helpful for the manufacturing industry.


To keep up to speed with the constant technological changes our world is facing to generate new revenue while also keeping customer satisfaction high, technology such as augmented reality and Power BI will serve your company well. Did you know that 70% of B2B companies are at risk of losing customers because the company itself is not fully engaged? Don’t let that be your organization. Engage your customers in new and powerful ways by optimizing your supply chain operations with increased collaboration and visibility. When you become digitally empowered, you will be able to revolutionize data driven insights.


Utilize your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities to the highest degree! Without having to even download an app on your phone, your sales team can access CRM through the capabilities of the outlook app. This technological innovation allows you to use order history, customer preferences and other insights to better improve sales conversation rates. In addition, you can track sales performance for a duration of time, forecast vs. actual, among many more capabilities. Another fantastic feature embedded into this program is overlaying the relationship assistant from Dynamics 365 to the app. For example, in your Outlook app, you can be reminded of an email in your inbox that is related to a meeting you have today.  When it comes to collaboration, Dynamics 365 has a native integration to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. When it comes to closing opportunities quickly and efficiently, Dynamics 365 takes the cake.


The reports that are available with Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide detailed metrics of products and resources that will enable your business to get to the next level. You are able to see data in line with visualization. An example of this is exporting data into a dynamics worksheet – data uploaded directly from your CRM to an Excel sheet. Take this one step further and put the data on a PowerPoint Presentation. Both the Excel sheet and PowerPoint presentation can have the data updated directly from CRM at any time and as many times as you want! They can also be embedded into an Outlook event for all who are invited to see!

Power BI App

The Power BI (Business Intelligence) app provided by Dynamics 365 is the perfect tool to manage and monitor the manufacturing end of your business in terms of timely execution, cost, and quality. By being able to combine ERP and CRM data, possibilities are endless. A great example of this utilization is a question and answer platform to ask questions about your very own business. A returns chart and related insights are provided to you to get the best possible answer and help you quickly carry on with your day.