Are you new to the Microsoft Cloud? Do you still feel like you don’t understand half of the words that are tossed around? A lot of our clients hear a lot about “Microsoft Azure”, but feel like they have a hard time grasping what it really is. This blog will be your ultimate guide to Microsoft Azure and how it can help the productivity of your business. Let’s dive in!

Please Explain It To Me In Simple Terms

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s own cloud computing platform. It provides a range of cloud services, including analytics, storage and networking. Being a part of Microsoft Azure, allows a company to be scalable because you can easily spin up virtual machines, build apps, launch various business apps and add durable cloud storage, by just a click of the mouse. Say goodbye to long nights installing servers and equipment! What makes it so special, you may ask? We at TechAir Group believe that one of its most stand-out features is that it is the only consistent hybrid cloud in today’s market. This hybrid network is highly secure, highly available, and astonishingly fast. Deemed as the “cloud for all”, 95% of Fortune 500 companies trust the information of their company with the Microsoft Cloud. With Microsoft Azure, you are able to build and deploy applications consistently, analyze data seamlessly, integrate security and management across on-premise and on the cloud, among many more features.

Wait, explain to me what “virtualization” is

Virtualization separates the tight coupling between a computer’s CPU and its operating system using an abstraction layer called a hypervisor. This can have multiple virtual machines running at the same time. Each of these virtual machines are compatible to run any operating system such as Windows or Linux. Essentially, virtualization allows or organizations to separate a single physical computer or server into several virtual machines. It creates a simulated, or virtual, computing environment as opposed to a physical environment. The virtualization technology within Azure is repeated on a massive scale in Microsoft data centers throughout the world to ensure the safety of your information.  Azure makes it easy for developers and IT professionals to be agile when they build, deploy, and manage their applications and services. As a recap, organizations are able to take resources from a single computer or server to improve scalability and workloads which results in fewer overall servers, less maintenance costs, and less energy consumption!

“Access anywhere” you say?

Yes! Microsoft Azure is proud to be a one identity hybrid product. So yes, you can connect your on-premise Active Directory solutions to the cloud with the Azure Active Directory. This setup ensures that there is only one identity while simultaneously accessing your management strategy. With the enhanced cloud based solutions, you are able to keep your productivity uncompromised while also enhancing cloud-based security solutions. While there are no immediate costs with Azure Active Directory, there are additional paid subscription levels and Premium tiers.

What can I do to personally check this out?!

We’re glad you asked! For some quick tutorials, click here to learn to how to deploy your very fist solution in less than 10 minutes. To have a comprehensive understanding, connect with us at TechAir Group and we will provide you with all of the information your company needs to succeed.