Hands up! Are you ready… for an audit?

We hope your company is staying organized, because the process of ensuring that your manufactured product meets standards of quality and safety is difficult at best, and terrifying at worst.

In the business of manufacturing, regulatory compliance is no new hurdle. Audits ensure that standards are met in regards to finances, safety, and other specific guidelines relevant to any product produced and the manner in which it is produced – whether it’s in the interest of health, the environment, security and/or financial credibility.

Audits encourage checks and balances to protect you and your consumers, although the process can be incredibly daunting. The minute details that an auditor looks for, the impeccable record-keeping you are expected to do, and getting company-wide buy-in for audits’ sake can be a nightmare. That’s where CRM steps in.

The conflict: What ails you and your company?

Preparing to prove yourself to the most audacious auditor who expects a pristine production cycle, immaculate documentation, spot-on financial tracking, and essentially, a clear look into the business process that gets your product from point A to point B is no easy task. The time and effort it takes to produce this important audit information can be a manual process for some and incredibly taxing (pun intended.) Your security and risk practices are critiqued in addition to your distribution, product quality, and vendor and customer relationships. Sometimes just gathering those reports will take more time than it does to pack your things and run away screaming – although we don’t want to give you any ideas.

Of course, it is in the best interest of your business’ future to be approved by the investigating organizations. Credibility, transparency, and collaboration are the things that attract customers and move your business forward, right? To be prepared and transparent, with the help of an easy, cost and time efficient partner sounds pretty appealing, eh?

We’re not fans of keeping secrets, so if you haven’t heard of CRM or Microsoft Dynamics, be prepared to have your mind blown.

Cue CRM solution entrance

We know that regulatory guidelines may vary from industry, to product, to geographical location. However, being prepared and able to work alongside regulations and compliance, as well as keep track of your practices, is a consistent and predictable process throughout all types of organizations.

We’re hinting at a holistic management system for your company’s content. CRMs started with the customer relationship in mind, yes, but today it lives on as an XRM — adapted to automate, organize, and conveniently access just about all of your business functions.

In the case of regulatory compliance practices for manufacturing, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment handles traditional functions in conjunction with tools for **big breath in**

Documentation tracking, processing notifications and updates, collaboration, task assigning, process and workflow creation, traceability for compliance purposes, specialized reporting tools, intelligent access services, security disclosures, employee portals, and as always, automation and integration with your existing tools and applications. Phew.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM was designed to easily accommodate documentation through automation, organization, and recording. When you’re searching for your audit information without CRM, you’d better hope you left yourself a breadcrumb trail.

The all-inclusive archive for manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a credible chief of manufacturing for all manufacturing industries; supporting workflow needs for:

  • Life Sciences
  • Healthcare
  • Business Reporting
  • Food Safety
  • Vehicle and Part Manufacturing
  • Financial advisory
  • Chemical Manufacturing

The growth of your business relies on passing compliance and regulatory audits, which relies on the effective management of audit necessities and effective communication throughout your internal business community.

You may not know where to start, so a CRM solution for manufacturing is most powerful when configured with the partnership of an IT consultant group like TechAir Group.

But wait… There’s more!

Regulatory compliance tools are just skin deep in the realm of CRM.

Check out our manufacturing specific page to read about the countless solutions contained in Microsoft Dynamics that fit the shoe of any manufacturing company looking to push their development forward and beyond.

Technology can be painful. We’re here for you.

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