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Trusted Cloud for Manufacturing Success

Microsoft Dynamics 365, PowerApps and Azure provide todays manufacturing companies with a digital platform to assist with their customer experiences and cloud-powered solutions. Common scenarios include:

  • Digital Selling & Sales Tools
  • Automating Customer Service with Virtual Agents
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) enriched data
  • Reducing or removing in person contact
  • Social Media and Marketing integration
  • ERP and Supply Chain visibility

Like the manufacturing process itself, your manufacturing business is made up of many moving parts. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is like the grease between the gears, making sure they’re running smoothly and operating at maximum efficiency. Between CRM, ERP, BI and O365, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Not only do manufacturers benefit from traditional CRM and ERP uses they also benefit from XRM (Anything Relationship Management) properties within Dynamics 365. For example, managing the relationship with distributors and providing them a portal to access sales literature, leads and inventory data. On the operations side, Manufacturing clients have access to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations for a full suite of ERP tools. With solution built on the Microsoft Cloud, you’ll unlock new levels of efficiency, collaboration, and productivity – which can all translate into increased profits.

It’s obvious the future of manufacturing is in digital technology. Companies that drive innovation are also the ones that are embracing technology as an enabler for growth and success. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Cloud- we can change the way our clients do business by unifying applications (CRM, ERP, BI, and Office 365). In adition, we can leverage Microsoft IoT, Power BI, Azure Machine Learning and Cortana Intelligence to get real-time insights and improve business processes dramatically. Let us show you the way- we promise it’s going to be a fun ride!

How can a manufacturing company use the Microsoft Cloud?

  • See a 360 degree view of Accounts, Opportunities, Distributors, and Cases
  • Coordinate and Collaborate around opportunities with team members and external partners
  • Forecast sales and demand
  • Run marketing campaigns, manage events (trade shows or webinars) and manage leads
  • Manage customer service and support
  • Fine-tune promotion activities, product offers and deliver personalized experiences across all channels
  • Manage and improve partner, vendor and distributor relationships
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • RFP/RFI management
  • Automate RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Process
  • Track KPI’s such as Asset Utilization, Availability, Capacity Utilization, Customer Satisfaction, Demand Forecasting and Compliance Rates
  • Automate and enhance the quoting process using CPQ (Configure Price Quote)
  • Track and expose data to clients regarding open orders, shipping information, inventory and packing slips

Features of Intelligent Manufacturing

  • Online portal for vendors or clients, accessible 24/7 on any device
  • Easily share reports & dashboards
  • Powerful workflow engine to automate tasks, processes and reviews
  • Access CRM, ERP, or BI anywhere- from the office to the manufacturing floor
  • Comfortable and easy-to-use Microsoft interface

Benefits of Intelligent Manufacturing

  • Increase employee productivity through a native integration with the Office 365 suite of tools (Outlook, Excel, Word, SharePoint and more)
  • Increase profit margin by increasing product, services and client value
  • Provide proactive manufacturing with smart products and intelligent insights into performance
  • Work smarter not faster: Use insights & analytics to provide better products & services- to the customers that need it
  • Improve customer service and the relationship with the consumer
  • Gain complete visibility of plant operations, inventory and forecasting
  • Save time and money with compliance audit
  • Improve marketing ROI by tracking and automating lead to order process


Intelligent Manufacturing using Dynamics 365 not only can streamline sales processes, but also operational complexities such as corrective action procedures, forms, documentation, and even tasks and reminders – all which are beneficial for audits, regulatory, and ISO compliance. From managing inventory and process capability to collaborating with vendors, clients, the production floor, and engineers – we can do it all.


By unifying applications using the Microsoft Eco-System, manufacturing clients can visualize insights & analytics, automate processes, use data to intelligently, and accomplish tasks that would usually slow the flow and cost time and money.

Powerful dashboards allow for valuable analytical insight into company information which can be used to identify production trends, possible new products, and areas of expansion or high profitability.