Have you considered adding a chatbot? From chat to email and beyond, the intelligent chatbots can go wherever your Citizens go – and create flawless, contextual experiences along the way. Check out our webinar and see how to put them to work for you.

Respond rapidly to your Citizen and employee needs—at scale—using intelligent chatbots built with Power Virtual Agents. No coding required. These bots can be created easily without the need for data scientists or developers. Some of the ways that Power Virtual Agents bots have been used include:

  • COVID-19 information
  • Checking on Permit Applications
  • Scheduling Inspections
  • Connecting citizens with the right information

In this webinar, we will review various ways to improve your Citizen experiences with an intelligent chatbot across various channels of communication. Enjoy stress-free, organized, and intelligently comprehensive Citizen service.

We will be covering:

  • Getting started without any code
  • What to consider before the first messaging app project?
  • Deploying a natural language processing to your website and Facebook
  • How to improve your chatbot experience with analytics

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