Why forecasting?

In most businesses, “forecasting” is a hot topic. Forecasting is crucial to all businesses as allows properly set budgets, accurate production, and proper management of sales teams. Executives are constantly asking for the forecast for the business to give them insight. Many businesses still create these forecasts in various Excel documents, making the process take weeks if not months. This process is not real-time, automatic or integrated with other applications.

The first step to improve your company’s forecasting abilities is to have a platform for sales reps. Within this platform, they can manage their activities, opportunities, quota and various goals. The next step is providing sales management a real time dashboard or report. Here, they can visualize the sales pipeline by user, team or territory. This is what TechAir Group does every day – helps companies get full visibility of their pipeline using Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales forecasting. You will now be able to forecast from the moment a lead is qualified to when their deal is closed.

Accurately Predict Demand

Okay, so you have a sales forecast. But now the business is wondering…how much inventory do we need? Demand Forecasting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 calculates future demand of your products. These calculations are based off of future demand from sales orders or invoice demand. You also have the option of adding in the demand of projects and production. This powerful forecasting tool allows your company to plan ahead with intelligence.

Sell more, sell faster

Say goodbye to manual Excel spreadsheets and hello to an integrated platform with Dynamics 365 sales forecasting. This will allow sales managers to easily coach their representatives to sell faster and sell more.Let’s imagine your company has perfected the art of forecasting with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Your sales managers will spend less time performing tedious administrative tasks and more time mentoring sales representatives. Representatives will feel more prepared and confident to take on leads with increased time for coaching. Hence, increased deal size.

Take Advantage of the Opportunities

There are many opportunities that arise because of better forecasting insights when Microsoft Dynamics 365 is implemented for your organization. Use this data to:

  • Capture key contacts at partner accounts
  • Track a new opportunity from lead to close – always have real-time visibility into status
  • Communicate & collaborate with supply chain and inventory personnel when a big deal is about to close
  • Accurately predict sales results – and make better decisions about when it makes sense to hire new reps