At TechAir’s core, we are a Microsoft Cloud consulting firm. With the power of the Azure Cloud, we can offer customized global development around web apps and portals. These web apps and portals are an extension to our client’s digital eco-system and act as another “entry point” for entering data, seeing content, downloading collateral, or uploading information.

Modern Web Development (Website, E-Commerce & Portals)

We can create and deploy websites and portals that allow for scalability, flexibility and security. Our team of experts can quickly deploy modern responsive web solutions that are available on any device, at any time.

Portals (including e-commerce!) are a great addition to Microsoft Dynamics 365. They can be built for customers/citizens, partners, vendors or even current employees.

For example, at a city, a citizen could access a portal to access their water bill, renew their business license, report a pothole complaint and apply for a permit. In the private sector, portals can be used to improve relationships with partners (think distributor portal for manufacturing) or a customer service portal where customers can create cases, see order information, or search for answers to questions.

When it comes to portals, e-commerce and web development, there are options. The solution we recommend depends on budget, purpose, flexibility and scalability. Our web development toolbox includes:

  • Dynamics 365 Portals
  • Kentico CMS
  • WordPress CMS
  • Azure
  • Custom .NET

Mobile App Development (Windows, Apple, Google Store)

In today’s day and age, mobile app development has never been more important. In basic terms, a mobile app is a program designed to run on a phone, tablet or smart watch. Mobile apps turn those devices into miniature powerhouses of function (and sometimes fun!).

Some of our clients have both mobile, responsive websites and mobile apps. An app usually offers more interactivity and presents more specific information in a format that’s easier and more intuitive to use. When clients choose to build a mobile app, they are really choosing to remove online UX limitations, deploy at a massive scale and give their app users the ability to function properly offline. We have experience building mobile apps for Apple iOS, Google and Windows.

Azure App Development

In simple terms, Microsoft Azure is a complete cloud platform that can host existing applications, streamline the development of new applications, and even enhance existing on-premises applications.

When it comes to the development of new apps, Azure provides many development tools (and yes, you can use any platform or language). There are a range of SDK’s, full-featured integrated development environments and editors with advanced debugging capabilities. Cloud features such as scalability, high-availability, and multi-tenant capacity are included, reducing the amount of coding developers must do. It’s never been easier to build, debug, deploy and manage an app. It’s awesome.