Taking the first step…

Sometimes- it’s hard to know where to start. That’s what we’re here for… we can help build a solid plan through digital technology consulting. This engagement allows us to put our heads together and come up with solutions that will take our client’s business to the next level.

What’s the first step? Planning, Discovery and Road Mapping.

  • Technical Discovery: We start by understanding your current technology eco-system and how well it works to meet your needs. We’ll document all your apps, your software and hardware- and determine where changes are necessary. This includes understanding current information & data design, so that we can come together to fill the gaps and make your data work for you.
  • Functional Discovery: During functional discovery, we learn and discover your business processes, strategy and objectives. We will execute interviews and/or surveys with key users and spend some one-on-one time with company leaders to get a full understanding of how you do business. During this time, we will be looking for ways to improve efficiencies, empower employees, and transform the way you do business.
  • Digital Road Mapping: Once we’ve developed a list of digital initiatives, we will build a digital road map. This road map is a blueprint for action that aligns IT projects with short-and long-term business objectives. The road map enables a business to convert their vision into a realistic action plan that lowers risk and ensures ROI.

Prioritize the Initiatives (There will be a lot of awesome ideas)

The road map will include all digital initiatives for the next 3 years with an assessment of value, complexity, cost and risk. After we assess, the road map is broken up into phases. This process allows us to assess which initiatives are worth delivering sooner and how much capacity our clients have to achieve their goals.

Two Views: Short vs. Long Term

When we build a road map, there will be two different views.

  • Detailed View (1 Year)
    • This yearly view will include a rough order magnitude (ROM) estimate with each initiative (including hours, resources needed and timeline)
    • Will assist in quarterly budget planning
    • Our team puts more discovery time into the tactical view for a more detailed estimate
    • We use the tactical view for resource planning (both internal and external)
  • High Level View (3+ year)
    • This longer-term view with include higher level estimates and will tie back to 3-year business goals/vision

Collaboration – we’ll make a great team

When developing, updating and delivering a digital road map, collaboration is key. Our team will involve all relevant stakeholders in a series of interviews, workshops and meetings to make sure we are building an integrated digital strategy.

Driving Value – The Road Map is just a start

In reality, a digital road map is just the first step to a successful digital transformation. We help our clients drive value from their road map by ensuring they have the best practices, processes and digital culture to truly achieve change and drive innovation within their company.

And by the way- It’s going to change

This digital road map is not a “rigid plan” but rather a living, concise document that is reviewed on a frequent basis and updated in line with real-time analysis, changing business requirements, and influence from external forces such as market factors and disruption. On a regular basis, we’ll re-visit the technical and functional discovery to derive new initiatives and start the process all over again. Continually growing, learning and improving is key to success.