Once our clients have a well-defined digital strategy, they embark on the build, test, and release stages of the journey.  Our job is to coordinate this execution and implement our best practices.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a massive shift in the way technology is implemented. Cloud based, connected applications have caused IT operating models to change. Software and the internet have transformed the world. Software no longer supports a business, rather it becomes a component of nearly every part of the business. Today, organizations interact with their customers through applications on all sorts of devices. This software is also used to increase efficiencies and transform every part of the value chain such as communications, operations and logistics.

To survive in today’s digital landscape, organizations must transform how they build and deliver software. Similar to how companies transformed how they design, build and deliver products using industrial automation during the 20th century.

You no longer put an application in and leave it. We need to be able to pivot and adapt as things change. Instead of being static, we need to coordinate multiple releases and implementations at once.

  • We are always planning for the next upgrade or next release.
  • We are always looking at end user feedback and releasing fixes to address those comments
  • We are always taking into considering strategic goals of the organization and making sure the application is aligned

At TechAir, we have a technology delivery model that allows organizations to coordinate, align and execute releases simultaneously.

Why Continuous Execution?