Emails. Let’s talk about why customer service gets so many.

Most customer service teams are feeling “email anxiety”. Yes, this is a real thing. They are gone for ten minutes and twenty new emails come in. It takes a considerable amount of time to manually respond or forward n to the correct person.

Companies today are starting to realize that customers expect quick and easy answers to problems, questions and concerns. Most companies are struggling because they are set up with call centers and email inboxes. This often letting customer issues fall through the cracks. They NEED a better solution because customers are expecting it.

Okay, I want to reduce emails from customers. How do I do it?

The first step to reduce emails and inquiries from customers is by providing a self-service portal on your website. Think about this. How many times do you email Amazon with a problem? Probably never. That’s because their online experience allows customers to get their questions answered quickly and seamlessly.  They can return a product, place a new order, or find a tracking number. All without ever talking to someone.

The second step is to provide a spot on the website where customers can “log” an issue, rather than emailing. The customer verifies their identity then chooses the type of problem they are experiencing, and uploads relevant photos. With this information, the right department or person is automatically assigned to the case. Customer service analytics for Dynamics 365 immediately records the problem to be visible across all departments.

One of our clients is a one billion dollar manufacturing company. When they introduced Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, they were able to reduce 50% of their customer service emails. TechAir Group provided them with the platform for a seamless customer service experience across all channels to their clients.

Our client did this – and here are the numbers.

Let’s put that in perspective for you. With Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, they were able to give back three hours of time per day per representative. With the 15 representatives that they have at their organization, that is 225 hours per week (or 10,800 hours per year). Talk about an ROI.

Today, they are able to visualize insights into issues, provide personalized service and resolve issues faster. Management and sales reps are informed on critical service issues that relate to their key customers. Service personal can track, manage, and communicate with customers on their service issues. They will be able to do with instant access on FAQ articles, warranties, and contract data on Dynamics 365. This will provide personalized service and resolve issues quicker without ever drafting an email.

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