The human element can put a damper in every great technological process. It can be difficult to get people to work within a CRM when they have to input data manually, don’t have reminders or escalation procedures within the CRM, or most of the work they do is outside of the CRM.

Besides addressing core functionality of the CRM of choice, how do you get your employees to want to use CRM? Well, the answer to that is actually easy – make it the tool of their dreams! Give them everything they need to make their jobs easier and more productive. Make it communicate with other departments. Make it their one-stop shop for all functions and aspects of their jobs.

You may have had a good laugh at that, after all, how can such a tool exist? Where is this magical software unicorn that will solve my process woes?

Here’s how you do it:

1. Get a customized CRM solution that is designed specifically for your business model

This solution will be built around your business, processes, and unique needs.

2. Have Reminders, Alerts and Escalation Procedures

When Bob doesn’t enter in the latest information, you can have the CRM send him an email alert after a pre-determined time, and email his supervisor if it’s still not addressed. Your more organized users can also create their own reminders to follow-up on action items.

3. Use a Familiar Solution

Almost every employee is used to using Microsoft’s enterprise tools like Outlook and SharePoint, meaning Microsoft Dynamics will have a similar look and feel right out of the box. This will increase its usability and its adoption rate.

4. Integration with Existing Tools

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions can integrate with a great number of other programs and tools such as Outlook; giving employees the information they need from the CRM right in front of them. Depending on your needs, your employees may not have to log into a CRM dashboard when they have everything they need tightly integrated in a program they already use.

5. Have Your Solution Built Around Automation

The less manual data entry your CRM system relies on, the more efficient it will be. You can ensure data captures by integrating your CRM solution with website contact forms, your VoIP phone system, ERP software, and much more.

6. Training, Training, Training

No system can be completely autonomous, so it’s important to work with a company like TechAir Group who not only implements your CRM, they train you and your employees on how to use it.

By following those 6 simple steps you can turn your CRM into a dream solution. When used correctly, your CRM can be an all-powerful juggernaut in your business arsenal. You can help minimize the human element from hindering or all together stopping your progress by taking steps to ensure their buy-in to the solution.

TechAir Group excels at tackling your gnarly business problems, and turning them around with easy-to-use software solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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