What does it do

CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing is an essential tool for quote management for manufacturing companies. This is a sales tool for companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. CPQ applications allow sales reps to quote prices with incredible speed and accuracy. This is done by the various optional features, customizations, quantities and discounts. This software gives you a direct link with your company’s CRM to make meaningful sales decisions.

How does it increase sales

No one wants their time wasted. Salespeople do this by unnecessarily wasting time going back and forth on configurations and manually researching and writing quotes. CPQ for Dynamics 365 makes the quote management system simple: it increases sales by providing accurate quotes. The increase of these average deal sizes comes from intelligent cross-selling, up-selling, and guided selling recommendations to provide precise quotes. The Artificial Intelligence element for Dynamics CPQ provides predictive recommendations around pricing and products. As you learn from the historical data from quotes, sales reps will be able to utilize quote scoring.

How does it increase profitability

It’s a simple equation, really. Increased revenue (more quotes able to be sent out) – decreased costs (less time spent working on quotes) = a higher profit.  

How does it help you land bigger deals   

To deliver some of the greatest value to your customers, consult with them to solve their problems. Dynamics 365’s quote management features will help to identify common themes within problems and current solution processes to be discovered. To easily identify difficulties within the solution processes is to create a generalized Dynamics CPQ application for customers to give information. Maximize deal size and showcase what makes your company different by asking the right questions to drive opportunities. Salespeople need to ask the right questions. With that information, they will be able to showcase what makes their company stand out from competitors to maximize deal size. With offering the right specializations, add ons, or complex configurations, deals will be bigger.   

CPQ clients have noticed a faster sales process

CPQ with Dynamics 365 will shorten sales cycles by allowing representatives to respond to customers and provide accurate quotes quickly. Manual errors no longer cause delays while also keeping products up to date that automatically populate renewals. Salespeople want to be sure that the companies they are selling to can afford the product. A quickly sent proposal ensures that no time is wasted if the proposed deal is outside of the company’s budget. An increased quote delivery time leads to an increased approval time and decreased amount of deals in the sales pipeline. Quoting time that used to take weeks can now take days.