Planning and Zoning

  • Simplify the process of managing land parcels by integrating with GIS to provide a complete overview of all land management activity.
  • Gain immediate access to all relevant details of a specific property including owner information, permits, inspections, land value management, assessor details, tax history, etc.
  • Bring speed and transparency to each transaction, saving time and enhancing the citizen experience.

Permitting and Licensing

TechAir’s permitting and licensing modules offers one interface for the application, documentation, and fee processing for a broad range of permit and license types. It can automate scheduling of inspections and provide your employees access to all relevant documents in seconds – anytime, anywhere.

Inspection Management & Scheduling

  • Give inspectors a full 360-degree mobile (phone, tablet. laptop, etc.) view of business and case history with capability to operate without internet connection.
  • Allows inspectors to record electronic signatures and import data into Gov365 database in real time.
  • Provides inspectors step-by-step guidance through the full life cycle of an inspection: pre-opening inspections, complaints, re-inspections, investigations, field visits, and inspection history.
  • Easily schedule and route inspections automatically.
  • Identify and organize available inspection resources by category to create a smarter workload/resource balance.
  • Implement geography (GIS), resource availability, inspection requirements, etc. into a mobile environment.

Code Enforcement

  • Manage citizen and business complaints.
  • Automatically generate user modifiable correspondence to the complainant via email, SMS message, or other method.
  • Coordinate follow up communications.
  • Calculate fee assessments based upon type of activity (flat rate, tiered daily rate, simple interest, etc.).