ConnectedGov for Citizen Services & 311

  • Increase efficiencies with ConnectedGov citizen relationship management capabilities that streamline the creation, assignment and management of citizen cases across multiple channels.
  • Provide omni-channel care to citizens including 24/7 self-service across mobile devices, social media, and real-time chat with integrated knowledge from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Offer citizens an online portal, accessible from their phone, tablet or computer that empowers them to initiate a request or report of any kind.
  • Allow citizens to upload a photo, a video and their exact location to make case resolution much easier for your organization.
  • Allow for citizen to check on case status and communicate directly with the back office via the online portal.
  • Automate the routing of the issue to the right department,the communications to the citizen and the scheduling of work orders.
  • Route work orders directly to field employees. On their mobile devices, they can access case information, and add their own pictures/data/information to update the back office in real-time. Even if they are offline!