Microsoft Dynamics For Government

Through TechAir’s experience partnering with public sector organizations at the city, county, and state level, TechAir has utilized the Microsoft Dynamics 365 framework to eliminate and replace outdated and inefficient digital processes commonly used in the public sector. TechAir utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 to bridge the communication gap between local government and public constituents, providing our government partners with digital capabilities to better serve their communities and citizens.


With the everchanging challenges in local government, one question consistently stands at the center of government discussions. How can municipals better serve their citizens?

While overall citizen experience is a main concern to local government, municipals must first address long-standing internal operations that lead to service issues. How can we be more efficient? How can we eliminate time consuming paper based tasks? How can we effectively communicate not only with our community constituents, but also internally?

The answer to these questions starts by embracing and acknowledging the existing digital constraints that are hindering the performance of your operations.

Using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, TechAir Group has developed a module based enterprise solution to manage government operations. Our Gov365 solution allows public sector organizations at the county, city, and state level to:

Gov365 Simplified Process

We are a service provider, and with such a title comes the ethical practice of choosing the best solution for the people and organizations we serve, and for whom they serve.

When you choose TechAir to serve your local government:

  • We walk through your pain points
  • We simplify complicated processes and tie them back into your core processes

There is no reward for rushing through the digital transformation process. We take the necessary steps to configure your Gov365 environment based off your key needs

We’re here for you every step of the way!

  • Eliminate time consuming manual entries and paper based processes
  • Simplify and streamline processes by integrating legacy systems with the Gov365 platform
  • Effectively manage and route citizen requests to appropriate departments and set workflows to ensure interactive follow up.
  • Increase the mobile productivity of field based inspectors by creating a consistent automated step by step inspection process using Gov365’s field service capabilities.
  • Utilize a community facing portal for the entirety of the permitting and business licensing process, streamlining information sharing among constituents and municipal staff.
  • Easily track tasks, emails, and other activities to Dynamics 365 through the Microsoft Outlook window.
  • Export crucial reports to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word with one-click

Why Gov365?

Outdated legacy systems:

Government based Legacy systems continue to grow increasingly outdated.  Solutions that were once state of the art are no longer capable of meeting job requirements.  Stand-alone solutions that are difficult to update and integrate with other applications require frequent maintenance and increasingly hard-to-find specialists, resulting in duplicate entry of data and expensive operating costs.

Budget pressures and competition for funding:

In times where it’s difficult to increase Public Sector revenue streams, the pressure to do more with less continues to grow. By investing in one platform, municipals lower the risk of dissatisfaction of their citizens.

Growing citizen expectations:

Citizens have experienced improved service levels through interactions with private sector organizations, and expectations are high for public sector organizations to follow suit.  The bar has been raised for Public Sector organization to display transparency, ease of information access, and citizen self-service capabilities.

Changing workforce:

Public Sector workforces will soon require substantial digital replenishment in the coming years, as growing numbers of workers reach the age of retirement.  Until they do retire, these workers may potentially be less technically sophisticated than younger workers, placing a premium on ease of use and training when implementing technology solutions.  With tight budget constraints, replacing retiring workers could become more and more challenging. Investing in technology boosts employee efficiency and makes it possible for employees to manage similar or increased workloads, reducing the need to hire extra staff.

TechAir Services (Government)

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Government
  • Land Management
  • Permitting
  • Business Licensing
  • Field Service Inspections
  • Address Management
  • Community Portal Development for Citizen Self Service
  • Data Integration & Migration
  • GIS Development
  • Power BI Reporting
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Services (Office 365 & Azure)