In this webinar, we will review Remote Virtual Inspection best practices and show our Local Government Industry Accelerator demonstration of an end-to-end inspection process.

Be Onsite — Without Leaving Your Office.

Perform inspections and ensure code compliance remotely and in real-time. Perform inspections online with the same confidence of actually being there.

Schedule Virtual Inspections

Enable contractors, citizens, inspectors, and department staff to schedule field or virtual inspections through the online Citizen Portal included with the Local Government Industry Accelerator

Keep Your People Safe

Perform virtual inspections with fully immersive walkthroughs in 360°. Save time, money, and keep your people safe while upholding your safety standards when you unable to visit a site in person.

Integrated Inspections Workflow

Your inspectors do not have to give up any valuable time, let them work from the comfort of their office or home. Inspectors will nearly be able to explore the site with the same level of freedom and collaboration they would have in person.

Best Practices

Review best practices for what to expect, training, preparation, execution of Remote Virtual Inspections, and re-inspections.

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