Online Paperless Licensing Solution for States and Educational Institutions.

TechAir Group’s online, paperless, and automated licensing solution helps states work closely with educational departments, divisions, and institutions to manage all necessary data and information in one, instantly updated, location.

TechAir Group’s online software allows an institution to upload all needed documents to a platform where they can be reviewed and approved by the state. We’ve built automated workflows to remove human errors and to ensure both, the institution and state, are reminded about pending applications.

This initiative aids in avoiding repetitive steps at the time of licensing or renewal. Additionally, all necessary data is well-organized and accessible in real time.

Education Licensing App Dashboard Preview

App Features

TechAir Group - Education Licensing App Product Preview
Anytime Accessible

Anytime Accessible

Access documents, and institution records anytime you would like, no downtimes or running around the IT department.

Hands On Implementation

Hands-on Implementation

From setting the solution to launch, our industry experienced team will be involved for your help and after launch training.

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Still Have Questions?

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