How manufacturing organizations can turn raw customer feedback into advanced analytics with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, formerly known as Microsoft Forms Pro, is an enterprise survey tool that aggregates customer metrics, market insights, and employee engagement across a sales lifecycle. It captures feedback from select target audiences, allowing you to keep a pulse on the insights that matter most to your organization.

Featuring a wide variety of use cases and deep integration with Microsoft’s Dataverse, Customer Voice stands apart from the crowd.

Close the feedback loop with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

The Importance of Customer Surveys

Digital transactions and interactions are the new normal, and Customer Voice surveys play an important role in improving your organization’s relationships with key audiences – both internal and external. Without this data, decision-makers lose a key component of risk mitigation strategies and miss out on the feedback, insights, and identification of small market shifts that are critical in today’s uncertain markets.

Any qualified Dynamics 365 application comes standard with access to 2,000 surveys – at no additional cost – allowing businesses to not only capture customer feedback but apply key learnings immediately.

How Your Organization Can Use Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

For any key information your organization needs, from individuals, prospects, customers, or any target audience, MicrCustomer Voice is the product you’re looking for.

Let’s consider common applications, from the viewpoint of key players in a manufacturing organization:

Business Unit Manager:

Survey new or existing markets for product launches and market trends.
As you race to meet your customers’ changing needs, you need data to understand the market. Microsoft’s out-of-the-box integrations leverage third-party data – including your existing SAP or Oracle customer profiles – to build a complete picture of your target audience.

Regional Sales Manager:

Delegate service requests to the right employee, instantly.
You’re negotiating with a distributor who has high spoilage rates versus the rest of your distribution. With built-in OMNICHANNEL support from Dynamics 365, you can easily surface issues uncovered by Customer Voice to the right team.

Sales Manager:

Identify and implement changes to mitigate service requests.
Reviewing your department’s service startup results, you notice a high added part rate, as well as a rise in service complaints about a new integrated product you launched last quarter. Fortunately, on your Dynamics 365 Sales System dashboard, you quickly identify additional training and rule updates in your CPQ (Configure Price Quote) that will eliminate 80% of these issues.

IT/HR Manager:

Pulse-check your team’s morale and bandwidth.
Employees are working from home, new product marketing plans are in the final stages, and you recently launched cloud security and productivity tools; there’s a lot going on, and you’re a part of it all. Sending an employee engagement survey is a great way to get real-time team feedback and keep staff engaged during these turbulent times.

Advanced Capabilities & Customized User Experience in Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

From here, we’ll look at what Customer Voice can do, and how it can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

Personalize Surveys To Your Audience

Personal experience plays an important role in the relationship between an organization and its customers. It makes each individual customer realize that their satisfaction and feedback are equally important as of others.

In Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, you can use variables to personalize your surveys; for instance, you can insert a customer’s first name, last name, and product purchased to survey questions, so every survey feels custom-tailored to the individual recipient.

Incorporate Your Brand & Style Guidelines in Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Consistent use of logos, colors, design elements, and fonts lends credence to your brand’s credibility. Beyond that, your organization spent time and money on branding, and you want to use it enterprise-wide.

Surveys sent via Customer Voice are fully customizable to match your organization’s brand and style guidelines:

  • Theme background image
  • Theme color
  • Survey image or logo
  • Font style, weight, color, and size
  • Customized thank you message and footer text
  • Customized email templates that are shareable across surveys

Define How Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Distributes Surveys

With Customer Voice, almost any distribution scenario you can think of is possible. These methods include:

  • Email: Send a survey link via built-in email. You can upload CSV file to send bulk emails.
  • Power Automate: Configure triggers available on hundreds of Power Automate connectors to send automated emails.
  • Embed: Embed surveys on your website for anonymous completion.
  • Link: Copy a survey’s link and distribute it through social media, groups, or however you’d like.,
  • QR Code: Send a QR code for your survey accessible through QR code reader apps.

Measure Customer Sentiment With Satisfaction Metrics (CSAT)

Satisfaction metrics are measurement systems that determine how customers feel about products, services, or organizations.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice provides three industry-standard satisfaction metrics. Metrics are defined at the project level and mapped to survey questions.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS-type questions; measures customer loyalty on a scale from 0-10


Text-based questions; Identifies customer sentiment as “positive”, “neutral”, or “negative”

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Rating-type questions: Determines customer satisfaction with a product or service

Generate Custom Reports From Dynamics 365 Surveys

Customer Voice provides several built-in report types prepared from invitation and response data. (You can also use Microsoft Power BI for your custom reporting and dashboard needs.) All the following report types are available, and all support native exporting to Excel or CSV files:

Survey Invitations Report

Displays total invitations, survey responses, unsubscribed emails, and failed deliveries.

Survey Response Report

See statistics and actual responses to individual questions

Satisfaction Metrics Report

A dashboard is created automatically for each set of metrics, visually representing sentiment, satisfaction (CSAT), and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Integrate Customer Voice & Other Dynamics 365 Apps

Every Customer Voice project created is attached to an Environment that is shared by Power Platform. You can use Power Apps or even Dynamics 365 apps to send Customer Voice surveys and surface data through apps, dashboards, charts, and views. The Dynamics 365 Marketing app, for example, has a built-in feature to send Customer Voice surveys through customer journeys.

Free Trial: Get Started With Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice right here. When the trial period ends, you’ll need to purchase the product to continue using it.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice for Government Agencies

Customer Voice is available on US Government Community Cloud (GCC), but certain limitations apply. To purchase Customer Voice as a GCC client, you must have a Dynamics 365 Enterprise or Microsoft 365 license.