Dynamics 365 Customer Voice – Introduction

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice (formerly known as Microsoft Forms Pro) is not only a survey tool that captures feedback from different set of target audiences. It’s a whole enterprise feedback management system that enables you to keep track of customer metrics that matter most for your business. 

Built on Microsoft Forms and deeply integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps and Microsoft Power BI, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice provides rich insights and analytical reporting. This integration stands it out from many other survey products available in the market.

Importance of Surveys

These days, capturing feedbacks, gaining insights and knowledge are very important for any organization. From commercial to social and government, surveys could play very important role in improving the organization. To improve your products or services, you can send feedback surveys to buyers. To know how happy your customers or employees are, you can send satisfaction surveys, and so on.

Use cases

Having said that, you can consider many use cases for launching Dynamics 365 Customer Voice survey at an organization level. Whenever you want to collect any type of information from any group of target audience or an individual prospect or customer, you can consider using Customer Voice. Few of the use cases are as follows:


Personalization is tailoring a communication based on personal information that an organization has about their customers. Personal experience plays an important role in relationship between an organization and its customers. It makes each individual customer realize that their satisfaction and feedback are equally important as of others.

In Dynamics 365 Customer Voice you can use variables to personalize your surveys. For instance, you can use variables to insert customer’s first name, last name and product he purchased to survey questions.

From the personalization panel (on right in the screenshot) you can create variables and then use them in the survey. (Click to see large image)

Branding and Styling

In this modern world, branding and styling is an essential part of enterprise communication. Using correct and consistent backgrounds, logos, images and fonts that match the type of your business, helps attracting the right sorts of clients. Purposeful brand and styles created by marketing department are an asset for an organization and can result in higher rate of survey responses and feedbacks.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice provides different areas where you can customize the survey look and feel to match your organization’s branding and styling guidelines.

You can control branding and styleing through Branding panel (on left in the screenshot). You can add logo on the left side of the header text. (Click to see large image)


An organization needs to decide what method you should use to distribute a survey. The decision would base upon certain factors. Some of these are:

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice provides different methods to distribute a survey that covers almost of all the scenarios you can come across while distributing surveys to specific group of audience.

Distribution methods can be accessed through the Send tab. Distribution settings can be access from the right distribution panel. (Click to see large image)

Satisfaction metrics (CSAT)

Satisfaction metrics are measurement systems that organizations use to know how much satisfied their customers are. This helps them to know the effectiveness of product or service they provide to their customers.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice provides three industry standard satisfaction metrics that are defined on project level and mapped to survey questions.

Metric name Purpose Maps to
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Measures customer loyalty from 0 through 10 NPS-type questions
Sentiment Identifies customer sentiment as positive, neutral or negative Text-based questions
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Measures customer satisfaction level with a product or a service ating-type questions


Net Promoter Score (NPS): This metric measures customer loyalty from 0 through 10 and can be mapped to NPS-type questions

Sentiment: This metric identifies customer sentiment as positive, neutral or negative and can be mapped to text-based questions.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): This metric measures customer satisfaction level with a product or a service and can be mapped to rating-type questions.

Satisfaction Metrics can be mapped to survey questions from the right Satisfaction metrics tab. (Click to see large image)


Dynamics 365 Customer Voice provides several built-in reports prepared from invitation and response data. You can also use Microsoft Power BI for your custom reporting and dashboard needs.

For built-in reports, you can view reports for individual invitation and response record, for specific survey or for all surveys. You can even export report data to Excel or CSV files. Following reports are available:

Survey invitations report. Displays statistics about total invitations, responded, not responded, unsubscribed and failed invitations. You can also view details of an invitation statistics.

Survey response report. Displays statistics about overall responses to individual question. You can also view individual response to each question.

Satisfaction metrics report. Satisfaction metrics dashboard is created automatically for each set of metrics. This dashboard displays charts for sentiment, satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) metrics.

Integration with Dynamics 365 apps

Every Dynamics 365 Customer Voice project created is attached to an Environment that is shared by Power Platform. Therefore, you can use Power Apps or even Dynamics 365 apps to send Customer Voice surveys and surface data through apps, dashboards, charts and views. For example, Dynamics 365 Marketing app has built-in feature to send Customer Voice surveys through customer journeys.

In Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can send customer voice survey in an marketing email through a customer journey. (Click to see large image)

Free trial

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. When trial period ends, you’ll need to purchase the product to continue using it.

Availability on US Government Community Cloud

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is available on US Government Community Cloud (GCC) but certain limitations apply. Moreover, as a GCC client, to purchase Dynamics 365 Customer Voice you must have a Dynamics 365 enterprise license or Microsoft 365 license.

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