Manufacturing makes the world go round. In a world of produced goods, it’s ever-important that the manufacturing industry embrace technology to streamline operating procedures.

Like the manufacturing process itself, your manufacturing business is made up of many moving parts. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is like the grease between the gears, making sure they’re running smoothly and operating at maximum efficiency.

Not only do manufacturers benefit from traditional CRM uses for sales & marketing, they benefit from XRM (Anything Relationship Management) properties gained from custom deployments. With a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution integrated into the operations of your manufacturing business, you’ll unlock new levels of efficiency, collaboration, and productivity – which can all translate into increased profits.

We love Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its XRM capabilities. An XRM solution manages more than just relationships with clients; it can manage employees, processes, partners, assets, suppliers and just about anything else a company wants to keep track of in a database. It’s kind of like Play-Doh because of its flexibility to meet practically every business need.

How can Manufacturing use CRM?

CRM for Manufacturing for Consumer Products

Manufacturers who create products for resellers, retailers, and large supply chains can use CRM to:

CRM for Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturers who create components, products, and chemicals for distributors and other manufacturers can use CRM to:


Microsoft Dynamics CRM within manufacturing environments not only streamlines sales processes, but also operational complexities such as corrective action procedures, forms, documentation, and even tasks and reminders – all which are beneficial for audits, regulatory, and ISO compliance.

Collaboration among vendors, clients, the production floor, and engineers has never been easier.

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In addition to comprehensive customer relationship tools, XRMs organize your internal workflow by providing analytics, automating processes, using data to intelligently move your practice forward, and accomplishing management tasks and processes that would usually slow your flow and cost you time and money.

Easy organization and beautiful graphs allow you to gain valuable analytical insight into company information which can be used to identify production trends, possible new products, and areas of expansion or high profitability.

Features of CRM for Manufacturing

  • Custom portal for vendors or clients
  • Easily access and share reports and data
  • Central location for data
  • Create workflows for process and engineering reviews
  • Access CRM anywhere, from the office to the manufacturing floor
  • Automate workflows and processes
  • Easy-to-use Microsoft interface
  • Manage work orders and service level agreements
  • Easily see and manage contacts for vendors, distributors, and clients

Benefits of CRM for Manufacturing

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs & increase profitability
  • Increase sales satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improve customer service
  • Enhance resource planning
  • Improve customer service
  • Increased communication and collaboration
  • Save time and money with compliance audits
  • Increase marketing and HR capabilities

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