If Call Centers aren’t considered the frontline connection to sales and customer service, then what is?  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) works supremely well for the call center industry because customer service representatives (CSR) work directly with the users of your service or product.

CRM contains the best tools to assist CSR’s in using and creating a wholesome environment for tracking and automating the call process, information, and customer relationships.

Inclusive for inbound, outbound, automated and other interactive calling services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to provide a customizable workflow for agents, easy organization, access to customer and service information, integrated application abilities, and smart analytics that boost the most important aspect of any service: communication

Computer telephony integration (CTI) with CRM enables Call Center employees to provide better customer experience that will support loyalty, reduce incidents, and save money.

We love Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its XRM capabilities. An XRM solution manages more than just relationships with clients; it can manage employees, processes, partners, assets, suppliers and just about anything else a company wants to keep track of in a database. It’s kind of like Play-Doh because of its flexibility to meet practically every business need.

How do call centers use CRM?

Inbound Calls

  • Easy access to policies for billing or claims
  • Multiple communication channels during calls
  • Customer billing history and information
  • Display of relevant content to agent
  • Intelligent and simple reporting
  • Real time customer feedback
  • Manage reporting flows
  • Integrate call centers with all organization location systems
  • Quick case management
  • Live chat
  • Integration with other applications

Outbound Calls

  • Scheduling forum for appointments
  • Sales lead tracking
  • Market research
  • Cross-sell capabilities: relevant product recommendations
  • Time zone do-not-call lists
  • Campaign management

Automated Calls

  • Automated response or messaging
  • Appointment reminders
  • Website integration
  • Integration with marketing campaign


CRM promotes one system, one interface that is simple to use and contains relevant tools.

Streamline individual call cases, and start by making it easy for CSR’s to work with customers through multiple communication channels simultaneously. Communicate, access information to solve issues, report incidents and feedback, capture activity notes, and follow-up through sending emails, faxes and more.

Different applications and features to accommodate call centers of all kinds, including inbound, outbound, automated, business process outsourcing and of course customer service can be customized and integrated into a CRM platform to support functions specific to your organization.

Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments help you streamline and optimize call center processes by creating workflows and procedures with dynamic cloud software. We set it up to your exact specifications, and then teach you and your employees how to use it.

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CRM eliminates the need for paper clutter and engages call center agents and customers with customized dashboards, visual analytics, task reminders, and access to a full scope information hub to more efficiently solve complex issues that come along.

To implement CRM in any service industry requires case-by-case study and customized development that sticks to your mission and purpose. Integrating with technology of today is a smart and proactive way to prepare your centers for future growth, and is best done with TechAir Group guiding the voyage.

Simple Integration with Applications:

  • Unified Desk Service for CRM
  • Click2Call
  • Call recording
  • Automation call noting
  • Voicemail dropping
  • Full reporting suite and portal access
  • and more!

Features of CRM for Call Centers

  • Integration and access across multiple systems
  • Real-time updates and monitoring
  • Social and website platform integration
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Common question telescripts
  • Incident management
  • Integrated desktop for modes of communication and reporting
  • Knowledge Hub containing all discussions, information, and reports.
  • Analytics & reports: based on cost per call, time per call, first resolution, etc.
  • Ensured Security

Benefits of CRM for Call Centers

  • Easily collect necessary information and ensure it’s up-to-date
  • Gain a 360 degree view of account history
  • Streamline inbound/outbound/and automated call processes
  • Provide a customized and personalized call experience based on workflows
  • Help eliminate human-errors from the call process
  • Eliminates need for switching between multiple open windows

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