Back at it again, with CRM for Call Centers

It seems like we’re discovering new niches for CRM systems everywhere we look. Is it because we believe Microsoft Dynamics CRM is as dynamic as its name suggests? Looks likely.

Our newest match is the partnership between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the call center industry.

Because call centers specialize in communication between customers and customer service representatives who have access to business information, caller information, and product information, CRM provides a well-rounded framework to streamline these interactions and make them more efficient and insightful.

Call centers: a non-traditional market?

Here’s a little secret: when you apply the principles of the Dynamics CRM system to any industry that needs organized communication, documentation and analysis, and follow up, you’ll find the software to be quite robust.

If you work for, or run a call center, you’re already familiar with the process of answering phones, gathering information, and submitting solutions and responses in a timely, friendly, and organized fashion.

Creating an intuitive and powerful environment for customers and agents is crucial, and here’s how Dynamics CRM does it with call centers:

Features of CRM for Call Centers:

For starters, Dynamics CRM integrates with the existing phone systems in use at call centers. Applications have been built to integrate with the Dynamics CRM platform that are specifically structured for call center services to:

  • Create and modify new call scripts during the call flow process
  • Automatically view a pop-up window with the customer’s history and current services.
  • Automate functions such as call logging
  • Know who is calling before answering the phone
  • Add items into existing scripts including emails, messages, reports, etc.
  • Update service requests and add them to the customer’s account/profile
  • Use smart reporting tools, dashboards, and other call controls.
  • Pinpoint and quickly address issues and updates
  • View cross-sale options and manage campaigns for marketing tactics
  • Access a knowledge center with accumulative information and FAQ scripts

It isn’t called a Unified Service Desk for nothing…

Pep talk of the day: Be the customer service representative you want to be!

CRM enables action. Agents hear the concerns of the user and can react quickly with the right tools in Dynamics CRM; for all types of call center services: inbound, outbound, automated, and more.

Dynamics CRM with Call Centers Can:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Drive sales and service
  • Make call flow for agents easier
  • Personalize two-way communication
  • Reduce call related incidents
  • Establish a clear process for outbound lead generation
  • Customize integrations that fit the mission of your business.

Dynamics CRM has a host of powerful tools and tricks for the call center community.

Are You Ready to Enable Team Success with CRM?