Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

To keep up with changing customer expectations and the need to stand out from competitors, Manufacturing organizations need to take advantage of technology. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a modern, scalable platform with a full integration of CRM and ERP capabilities. This creates the agility needed to truly compete in today’s market. By connecting the physical [...]

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Why we choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 over Salesforce

Comparing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce really comes down to analyzing your business and finding what is the best fit for it. Both platforms offer the abilities to the customer to choose the functionality they need between sales, marketing, and customer service. Read on to find out more on why we at TechAir Group believe [...]

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What is Omni-channel Experience Hub for Dynamics 365

Omni-Channel Experience Hub The days of only being able to call in for tech support between the working hours of that company have long been over. However, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is changing the game yet again. With the Omni-channel Experience Hub for Dynamics 365, customers have a portal where they can log in and access [...]

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Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Analytics and Reporting

Customers are happy when they can get their problems solved quickly, efficiently, and at any time of the day. Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement helps with these problems by providing analytics and reporting through apps, dashboards, and Power BI (business intelligence) that gives a complete picture of information that pertains to the business. Faster and [...]

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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Just as Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives product suggestions, it also offers suggestions to supporting documents which can be instantly added to a sales presentation. With the option to seamlessly unify CRM and ERP capabilities, you can innovate quickly to further bring your company to the digital age. Read our top 5 reasons on why we [...]

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When Do You Need CRM? 6 Scenarios

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to take a step back and take a look at your business. Self-reflection can help fill in the gaps between your goals and the processes used to achieve them, and in our experience, most businesses have a lot of filling to do. Business owners [...]

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XRM: Customizable CRM for an Engaging User Experience

CRM to XRM: Make it your own Rarely is anything one-size-fits-all.  We often make purchasing decisions based on how products fit our individual goals and processes. We design our desks, offices, and workspaces to fit our job duties, personalities, and corporate culture. As we grow, we change; looking for ways to function more [...]

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Import Existing Active CRM Users Into Domain for Test

You can simplify testing during Dynamics CRM migrations with this script we wrote long ago that is still helpful today! The script below allows you to grab all existing active CRM users from a database, and create a script to import them into your Domain so you can then link up the [...]

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Voting and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Back in time at the polling place While the election results may be fresh in your mind, the election process may have already slipped from memory. On election day here in Minnesota, you may have woken up early to avoid a lengthy line, strode anxiously into the polling place, signed in at a [...]

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Introducing Dynamics 365

Coming soon, Microsoft will bundle elements from Dynamics CRM and utilize a new app marketplace, AppSource, to form Dynamics 365 for securing and expanding business through intelligent digital tools. According to Microsoft; “Business processes are at the core of every business. Across all industries our customers are looking to adapt their customer [...]

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