AI for Sales with Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Most sales teams today are wasting a lot of time on administrative work and chasing down the wrong deals. Over time, they learn what works and what doesn’t. That learning never stops and often times takes years or decades. Today, with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for sales, there is a better way. AI [...]

How to see a 50% reduction in emails to customer service with Dynamics 365

Emails. Let’s talk about why customer service gets so many. Most customer service teams are feeling “email anxiety”. Yes, this is a real thing. They are gone for ten minutes and twenty new emails come in. It takes a considerable amount of time to manually respond or forward n to the correct person. Companies today [...]

Improve Sales Forecasting with Dynamics 365

Why forecasting? In most businesses, “forecasting” is a hot topic. Forecasting is crucial to all businesses as allows properly set budgets, accurate production, and proper management of sales teams. Executives are constantly asking for the forecast for the business to give them insight. Many businesses still create these forecasts in various Excel documents, making the [...]

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How to best utilize CPQ for Quote Management with Dynamics 365.

 What does it do CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing is an essential tool for quote management for manufacturing companies. This is a sales tool for companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. CPQ applications allow sales reps to quote prices with incredible speed and accuracy. This is done by [...]

How Manufacturing Companies Sell Faster with Dynamics 365

Provide sales team with mobile experience to allow dynamic features for your organization. These features include a 360º view of the customer, quote creation, and streamlined communication with the customer. Design your platform once and the sales team will be able to view from anywhere. Everything you have created will be showcased properly as images [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Bring down costs When on the cloud, Microsoft maintains the servers which will reduce employee cost of monitoring them. Their time will now be allocated to advancing other projects to drive your business further. What will be the biggest relief to your business will be the back-ups in the cloud provided by Microsoft while maintaining [...]

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Our Thoughts on Microsoft Build 2019

While known mainly as a developer’s event, Microsoft Build also is an event for the visionaries. The vision of Microsoft on 2019 revolved greatly around the cloud and Office 365 – we at TechAir Group couldn’t ask for anything more! This is especially exciting as Microsoft recently announced strong earning which coincide with their commercial [...]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

To keep up with changing customer expectations and the need to stand out from competitors, Manufacturing organizations need to take advantage of technology. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a modern, scalable platform with a full integration of CRM and ERP capabilities. This creates the agility needed to truly compete in today’s market. By connecting the physical [...]

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Why we choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 over Salesforce

Comparing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce really comes down to analyzing your business and finding what is the best fit for it. Both platforms offer the abilities to the customer to choose the functionality they need between sales, marketing, and customer service. Read on to find out more on why we at TechAir Group believe [...]

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