Customer Experience with AI: A Dive into Microsoft Discovery Hour

At the recent Microsoft Discovery Hour event, the spotlight was on AI's transformative power in elevating customer experiences. In an era marked by rapidly evolving customer expectations, the demand for seamless, hyper-personalized interactions and exceptional service has never been greater. This is particularly true in the banking industry, where institutions face numerous challenges, from rapid workforce transformation [...]

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Microsoft’s Event: AI-Powered Business Technology with Copilot

On April 10, 2024, Microsoft held a digital Business Applications Launch Event. Industry experts, software creators, and enthusiasts came together at the event to learn about the latest advancements in Microsoft's products. The event focused on a clear theme: redefining the boundaries of what's possible with Microsoft's AI technology, Copilot. Microsoft showcased how AI technology transforms [...]

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Streamlined Digital Permit Management: The Roadmap

Streamlined Digital Permit Management: The Roadmap to Successful Implementation Local governments stand at the core of our communities. They play a key role in fostering order and efficiency. But, they often deal with outdated, paper-heavy management systems. These systems hinder productivity and lead to citizen dissatisfaction. The solution lies in a streamlined digital permit management [...]

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Digital Permit Management Solutions Solve 5 Challenges

5 Government Challenges (And How Digital Permit Solutions Solve Them) Local governments play a crucial role in regulating permits for various activities, from construction projects to events and business operations. However, permit management can often be hindered by challenges, leading to delays, inefficiencies, and frustration for both applicants and government agencies. Luckily, in the digital age, [...]

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Government Digital Permit Management: From Chaos to Control

Government Digital Permit Management: From Chaos to Control The digital terrain is swiftly changing. Local governments face many challenges in permit management. Traditional paper-based systems are often associated with inefficiencies and lengthy delays. Yet, amid these hurdles, Microsoft Power Platform emerges as a beacon of innovation in the government digital permit management process. This deep [...]

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Microsoft Clarity, An Essential Part of Customer Experience Optimization

Microsoft Clarity provides website usage statistics, session recordings, and heatmaps; which are crucial items to review for customer experience optimization. Microsoft Clarity has come a long way in the last year since we wrote about it in Give Visitors What They Want: Website Heatmapping with Hotjar vs. Microsoft Clarity. In the last year Microsoft has [...]

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4 Steps to Avoid Email Service Suspension on Dynamics 365 Marketing

Are you using Dynamics 365 Marketing to manage your email marketing? Then you’ll want to be conscientious of your email bounce and block rates. If too many of your emails are undelivered or sent to spam, it could lead to your account to suspension. Like other email marketing platforms, Dynamics 365 Marketing has an email [...]

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Remote Virtual Inspections (RVI) Tips & Implementation Guide for Local Governments

What Are Remote Virtual Inspections? A Remote Virtual Inspection, also known as an RVI, is a means of performing inspections remotely, but which offers the same thoroughness and attention to detail as traditional, in-person inspections. RVIs became more widely used as a result of the social distancing mandates during COVID-19, which forced local governments and [...]

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How to Create Virtual Events in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Do you want to host professional online events? Do you manage a small team or are you part of a large organization? With the Dynamics 365 Marketing platform, you will be hosting live events and webinars in no time, regardless of your company’s size or complexity. In this blog, we’re going to walk you through [...]

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6 Ways To Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM With Your WordPress website

If you’re using WordPress CMS and Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your CRM, you’ve probably discovered a myriad of integration methods. They all take a slightly different approach to solving the problem, but none is more correct than the others – it all depends on your priorities. In this article, we’ll examine and compare the various [...]

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