If you’re ready to make the leap to CRM, we are here to help!

Whether you’re struggling to find a CRM solution that fits, or questioning your current CRM, we’ve developed an easy list of reasons a customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation will fit your budget, objective, time, and team.

1. CRM works like your all-star employee

Customer relationship management isn’t just about the customers anymore; it’s about business practices that improve your workflows to keep your relationships (internal and external) organized, healthy, and active.

The functionality created in Dynamics CRM with your business objectives in mind sum up both basic and complex business needs including, but not limited to:

  • E-mail Marketing
  • Data storage
  • Access anywhere
  • Scheduling
  • Messaging and collaboration
  • Billing systems
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Process Automation
  • Sales tracking
  • Lead Nurturing and Management
  • Case Management
  • Real-time reports
  • and more!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the all-in-one tool that works with your whole organization, and streamlines many disparate systems and practices.

2. Dynamics CRM is already familiar

Because Dynamics CRM is a product of the Microsoft family, it is easily integrated with Outlook, SharePoint, Excel, and other Microsoft tools you already use. For your employees, it will have a familiar feel and be easy to navigate.

With other non-Microsoft CRM systems, your team would spend extra time learning the ins and outs of the system; and we all know that time is money. With Dynamics CRM, time, money, and frustration are saved.

We can even migrate data from your old systems to ensure you have access to the data your business relies on within CRM. Keeping your current data and moving forward with it is not only convenient, but also completely realistic when we’re involved.

3. Take advantage of mobility & security

These days, security is an issue that already has some technology users questioning what sites they click on. Now we also have to question whether our crucial business information is being stored safely.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the freedom to work remote and on mobile, and ensures security of your data wherever you are, and wherever it’s hosted. Dynamics CRM is always only a browser or mobile-app away.

4. Automation, please!

Automation is smart and basically a requirement for anyone considering a CRM solution today.

Sales Automation with Microsoft Dynamics CRM manages your sales process from prospects to leads to customers in any sales stage.

Marketing automation through Dynamics CRM manages campaigns from start to finish. This option aids in scheduling and planning, separating tasks, budgets, and of course organization. Say hello to your new marketing assistant.

Case management and customer service automation is smart and helpful to many departments including tech support, customer service, engineering & manufacturing, and more. The user-friendly system attributes previous and relevant cases to specific contacts and customers. Workflow automation ensures cases are managed to your company’s specifications or SLA’s (service level agreements).

5. Industry-leading ROI (Return on Investment)

CRM is ALL about relationships. So what are some things that are going to support your business while keeping your budget from turning on you?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is more cost-efficient than other top-of-the-market CRM solutions. It provides automation, visualization, and organization. It promotes better communication and enhanced workflows… all at a pretty unbeatable price.

We realize that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not only cost-efficient, but it offers a lot of value to your organization that is not as easily measured, like productivity, employee satisfaction, and more!

6. Leverage advanced functions and applications

Your business is not the same as the next and neither are your customers. Dynamics CRM has a unique array of functions and applications that can be stretched to work with tasks you might not have even considered.

Dynamics CRM is diverse and easily customizable for different departments, industries, and objectives. Extending the use of this program to fit all of your other ‘to-do’s’ is one of the many perks of a custom Microsoft Dynamics Implementation.

7. Dynamics CRM has built its way up

Microsoft Dynamics CRM had a leg up when Microsoft came out with its first CRM program in 2003. Through years of expansion, updates, and revisions, it’s climbed its way to the top of the market and has become the benchmark of the industry.

When considering a CRM implementation, your company should be looking for a total solution. You’re looking to add a team member in the form of CRM that satisfies customers, employees, and entire departments, all while keeping everyone organized, informed, and excited to work. With intelligent processes and workflows, effectively managed accounts, automated campaigns, and easily-accessible information, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will certainly prove its worth and make your business hum with efficiency.

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