Provide sales team with mobile experience to allow dynamic features for your organization. These features include a 360º view of the customer, quote creation, and streamlined communication with the customer. Design your platform once and the sales team will be able to view from anywhere.

Everything you have created will be showcased properly as images and text will be optimized for the best proportions. Along with an intuitive user interface, there are many offline capabilities to ensure productivity no matter the location.

Implement configuring, pricing, and quoting tool to improve efficiencies and streamline the quoting process. Many businesses overlook the distinctions of the quote-to-cash process. Sales team members often do not spend the proper amount of time engaging with potential customers. Efficient and streamlined quoting processes allow sales team members to spend more time nurturing leads.

To ensure consistency, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a variety of streamlined templates. With these templates, your sales teams can quickly send out proposals. To ensure consistency, there are automatic notification features that remind the sales team member to follow up with the clients.

Streamline lead intake and conversion. When a lead comes into your company, it is important to make sure it does not fall through the cracks. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows leads to be converted more efficiently with a series of automations, triggers, and communication processes. Lead nurturing is proven to drive 20% more sales opportunities. Your organization will set up a personalized lead grading system. When a lead becomes sales ready, it will be assigned to a sales person. For example, if a lead comes in from the website, it can automatically be assigned it to the right person.

Once the lead is assigned to the sales person, you can set up the lead with a drip campaign. This will deliver emails, calls, and potentially text messages delivering relevant information at the right time. To ensure your sales team is ready to close deals, your organization should set up an automated lead nurturing process. As a result, potential customers can become irritated with mistimed and irrelevant content.